Fundraising Tips

Every penny counts when you are fighting to create miracles in a child’s life. The money that Dance Marathon at Florida State University raises benefits our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and the College of Medicine’s Pediatric Outreach Programs. The funds we raise make these miracles a reality in the lives of many children and their families. There are endless ways you can fundraise for the kids! Check out our Fundraising Guide and the rest of this page for tips and tricks to start raising money!

  Fundraising Guide

Letter Writing Campaign

Letter writing with the letter template provided by DM at FSU is one of the easiest ways to raise money on behalf of the kids.

  Letter Writing Template


To Write A Successful Letter Review the Following Checklist:

DivvyUp Dance Marathon Socks

DivvyUp and Dance Marathon at FSU have paired up to create a unique fundraising initiative for our dancers. With the purchase of every pair of socks, DivvyUp will donate $8 to the dancer of your choice and a pair of socks to those in need. Be sure to share the link with friends, family, and relatives to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Stay tuned to hear more about our 2018 DivvyUp socks!

Sponsor a Dancer

We have found that businesses can donate more towards your goal than personal donations can. Therefore, by using our sponsorship letter, you can do less work, for more! We encourage you to print this out and bring it (or even email it) to businesses that may support you. And remember, a personal touch always helps when reaching out to these businesses!

 Sponsor A Dancer Template

Sponsor a Dancer

Selling Dance Marathon to Sponsors

  • Your tax deductible donation benefits local Tallahassee families affected by pediatric health issues through the Children's Miracle Network and the FSU College of Medicine.
  • Not only are you supporting families and children and need, you're also supporting me as a dancer (fundraiser) so that I might reach my fundraising goal and be able to participate as a dancer.
  • Sponsor benefits include various levels of branding exposure methods, coupled with the genuine joy of giving.


Sending emails is a quick and simple way for everyone involved in Dance Marathon at FSU to fundraise. The more emails sent out the better!

Steps on Sending D-Mails through your personal Fundraising Page:

  1. Log-in to your personal fundraising page.
  2. Click on your Dashboard.
  3. Under "Ask Friends to Donate," click "Create a Message."
  4. Add your contacts, personalize the email, and send!

Tips on Putting Together An Inspiring Email:

These small details make a big difference when inspiring others to donate to your personal page! They can be edited by clicking "Edit Your Page" on your account's Dashboard.

  • Include your personal story on how you got involved with Dance Marathon, what it means to you, and why YOU stand for the kids.
  • Edit the email template to make it more personal and clear based on who you are sending it to (friends, family, friends of parents, etc.)
  • Personalize your online fundraising page by:
    • Changing and personalizing the picture on the site
    • Include your story on your fundraising page to share with potential donors
    • Adding a fundraising goal
  • If emails go unanswered follow up with phone calls or reminder emails!
  • For those potential donors who are not as familiar with emails check out our Letter Writing Template.


During the Fall, DM at FSU holds DM Tailgates that are full of miracle-making! There is food, canning, games, music, and tons of fun involved. Sponsors provide snacks for fundraisers that come out to raise money and awareness for our cause! DM tailgates provide opportunities for dancers to attend various tailgates on game days, and spread awareness about our cause to the greater Tallahassee community. Canning is a great way to raise money for your personal fundraising account, and also get to know the Dance Marathon at FSU family!

Canning for the 2018 Football Season will be at the Miami (9/16 from 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.), Syracuse (11/4 from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.), and Delaware State (11/18 from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.) games!

Selling Dance Marathon while Canning

  • Dance Marathon benefits Shands Children’s Hospital, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, as well as the FSU College of Medicine’s Pediatric Outreach Programs. This is what makes our cause truly For the Kids!
  • It is FSU’s largest student-run philanthropy (meaning it is the largest student run organization that raises funds for a cause).
  • This is Dance Marathon’s 23rd year, which comes with bigger and better goals!
  • Since Dance Marathon at FSU was founded in 1995, we have raised nearly $10 million dollars.
  • Dance Marathon is an organization that fundraises all year leading up to the Marathon, where students volunteer to stand for 20 hours (there are two 20 hour shifts).
  • The reason we stand for 20 hours is to symbollically honor of children who can’t. We give a weekend to save a life.
  • By donating to this cause YOU could contribute to making a difference in the life of a child and their family.

50 Ways to Fundraise!

  1. Shave your head/dye your hair when you raise a certain amount of money
  2. Post a funny picture on Facebook or instagram for each donation received
  3. Have stuff you don’t want anymore? Sell it on a website!
  4. Babysit and have a % of your earnings go to your fundraising account
  5. Have a yard or garage sale
  6. Mow lawns
  7. Have a bake sale
  8. Throw a party and charge people to get in or participate
  9. Host a dinner
  10. Bring old clothes to Plato’s closet
  11. Text everyone you know!
  12. Send emails and follow through with phone calls
  13. Give rides to class for a donation
  14. Be the taxi for the night and ask friends for donations when you drop them off or pick them up
  15. Host a car wash
  16. Be the delivery man/woman for the night and bring friends food or coffee while studying
  17. Ask 20 family and friends to donate $10 to sponsor you for every hour of the Marathon (That’s $200!)
  18. Put a bucket outside your work for spare change donations (with permission of course!)
  19. Regularly post your fundraising page on social media
  20. Have your parents post your fundraising page on their Facebook pages
  21. Contact old teachers/professors
  22. Do your friends’ laundry
  23. Keep a change jar!
  24. Utilize the letter template and send handwritten letters!
  25. Bake cookies/brownies for donations
  26. Artistic? make personalized items and sell for a donation
  27. Wear/do something crazy in public when you reach a certain monetary goal
  28. Do housework/errands for a donation
  29. Walk dogs or dog-sit
  30. Sell back your old textbooks
  31. Ask for donations on behalf of the holidays and your Birthday!
  32. Ask companies if they will match how much you fundraise within a certain period of time
  33. Tweet at celebrities
  34. Utilize the sponsorship letter(Coming soon) and ask local businesses, past job sites, and your high schools if they would be willing to sponsor you to participate in Dance Marathon.
  35. Buy a dozen donuts and sell each donut for $1; do the same with a box of pizza!
  36. Ask friends/family to send a mass email on your behalf
  37. Share your story and let people know why you are passionate
  38. Ask for "dare donations" and allow your friends to dare you to do something if they donate a certain amount
  39. Talented? Write a song, perform a rap, write a poem, or perform a dance move for every donor who donates to your page and post it on social media
  40. Ask professors if you are able to can in class
  41. Go canning! (football weekends and other shops, malls, and areas you are able to get permission from)
  42. Set a fundraising goal and if it is reached set out a challenge that you will do (ex: run a marathon, serenade President Thrasher, be creative!)
  43. Participate in all DM at FSU fundraising campaigns!
  44. Save $1 each day leading up to the marathon
  45. Go Holiday (or any other time) Caroling for donations
  46. Make a deal with your parents for every 'A' you receive on a test, quiz, paper, etc. they will donate a certain amount to your account
  47. Hold some sort of challenge (corn hole, baking, etc.) with a fee to participate and the winner receives the money entered to win into their fundraising account
  48. Challenge Facebook/Instagram/Twitter friends to donate to your page through creative, original posts
  49. Run or bike a marathon for donations!
  50. Write a letter to family and friends describing what being FTK means to you! Share your passion